Sunday, January 31, 2010


Our Adalyn is sitting up all by herself all of a sudden! We only practiced it about 2 days, then all of a sudden, she needed no help at all. She is getting big so fast! She went swimming for the first time while we were gone this weekend. She loved it and was quite a doll in her swimsuit!

Tractor Pulls.....Grand Nationls

We went to Columbus this weekend for the Grand Nationals of Kiddie Tractor pulling. It was held at the Ohio Convention Center at the Power Show Ohio. Cheyanne qualified at 8 separate pulls this year, Diesel qualified at 1. No trophy's to report, but Cheyanne did an amazing job...her personal best, I think! If Diesel would stop watching the mechanics of the tractor and sled as he is pedaling it down the track, he would probably do a lot better! LOL! He doesn't seem to want to focus on what he is doing, he just checks out the equipment behind him!
On Saturday, they both pulled in the Ohio State Pull. Neither one did too great as far as rankings. On Sunday, Diesel pulled in the Open Class pull with 160 pounds in the sled. He went 11 feet, 9 inches. He ended up 33/39. Cheyanne pulled in the National pull, trying to get one of 10 really cool trophy's. She pulled a full pull (along with 24 others) with 200 pounds in the sled. In the pull-off, she pulled 300 pounds 14 feet, 8 inches. her ranking was 23/41. Not bad for one of only a few girls! She was so excited when she realized she pulled a 'daddy' in her sled! (Shawn told her that it was like pulling him! 300 pounds=one of daddy) She thought that was cool. Anyways, it's the end of the pulling year now, and Cheyanne has added 8 trophy's to her collection. She was more excited about her new John Deere hat with flames that Daddy bought her than anything!

Spring Semester Schooling at Indiana University

So I am officially a full time college student. Wow. Hard to believe, but I am very thankful that I am! I am thankful to Shawn that he has encouraged me to pursue my schooling to do what I really want to do....teach! I never thought I would get to go to school full time, so I feel very blessed. It is going great so far. I really like my schedule because each day is different. I am away from the children one evening, one afternoon, one morning, and one day morning and early afternoon. It's really not too bad. The kids get to pack a lunch one day a week, which they love, and they also love the one night a week that Daddy gets to make breakfast for supper....(because Mommy doesn't like breakfast, so no one gets it if I am home!) They get to spend at least a few hours a week with Grandma's, and one day with an at-home sitter. They enjoy having each day be a little special in some way or another! The school work itself is very rewarding, but I think I have met my match......a teacher who may not pass me with an A to keep up my 4.0!!!! Ahhhh! He grades 70% off of tests! That is not going to be to my benefit at all :( Anyways, school is going well, I have met many new friends already, I like my teachers pretty well, and I am only going slightly crazy trying to keep up on it all!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cory and the wreck he was in

The bottom pic is Cory just two nights before the wreck. The small pics are from the night of the wreck. The top pic is Cory's "mug shot' as he calls it from Monday. The other pics are of the rod they put through his leg to hold the bones apart, and the weights they hung from it (traction).