Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cheyanne's 5th Birthday Party

Cheyanne's 5th Birthday party went very well!!!! She had 5 friends come. We had it at Grandpa and Grandma Minnich's house since I am so far along in my pregnancy. It was supposed to be a pond/ swimming party, but the temperature was a high of only 68 degrees :( They still got to play in the sand, take pedal boat rides around the pond, play kickball, watch a movie in the theater, and have a snack time. We also played an Oreo stacking game. They all had a lot of fun. Cheyanne was very happy. She got some cool gifts, including her bike.
Thanks to Dad and Sharon for bravely having it at their house! That helped out tremendously and the kids thought it was so much fun going there!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

35 weeks

The whole family got to go along for my doctor's appointment today. We had family maternity photos taken, then had a picnic at the park, then went to my 35 week ultrasound. It was Diesel's first time getting to go 'check on baby sissy', and he did great. Cheyanne was 'reading' the ultrasound before the doc. She would announce that that was baby's head, back, etc. right before the doctor could!
Baby weighs only 3 lbs. 15 oz. right now. I have still only gained 12 pounds, and I have not gained a single pound in 12 weeks now. Weird......doc asked if I have been eating enough! LOL! What a question for me! Shawn confirmed my answer...."Uh, yeah!" She wasn't concerned at all about either my weight or baby's weight. I was relieved that I am not having a huge baby, but that is pretty little, so hopefully the ultrasound is a little off. Everything looked great with baby! I have been doing well and we are expecting baby to come close to the due date!

4th of July

The 'collection'

Here are Cheyanne's trophy's as of the 4th of July weekend. She is more than proud of them! She tells me how to arrange them on the shelf! LOL!