Thursday, May 13, 2010

Addie is 9 months!


Cheyanne is doing great at T-Ball this year! She hits from a pitch, not the T, and she has a good arm on her. She is definitely more alert than a lot of the other girls on the team, also! We are enjoying coaching and I am very glad we decided to do it this year!

Friday, April 9, 2010

progress on Bathroom remodel

Here is the drywall mess....I had to clean this up everyday for about a week as they worked on it. But at least we had a bathtub and shower! The ceiling was gone for about a week, so we were looking straight up into the attic as we showered, but I didn't care...I was just happy to have a shower! The paint was supposed to be a green'ish tone, well it ended up looking blue. Shawn didn't want me to change it, but now that the bathroom is almost complete, he decided he wants me to change it...GRRRRRRR!

Updates on the kids

Cheyanne learned how to ride her bike in one day. I held on to her for the first two tries, then she just took off. She could do it all alone (starting, stopping, turning, everything) by the end of the first day.
The bottom picture is of Addie helping with laundry. She is so funny when I dump it out. She throws it all around, laughing, then she starts handing me one thing at a time for me to fold. She is too cute :)


Adalyn...almost 8 months. I love this pic of Diesel. He is wearing my old life jacket. Well, it's been through more than just me :)


The kids were cracking up laughing at Daddy so mommy could get a picture...turns out they wouldn't sit still they were laughing so hard!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


There ended up being a ton of blown insulation inside the wall of the tub! What a mess it caused. Then they had to break the tub into 3 pieces and it was still so heavy it took 2 guys per piece to carry it! Day 1: destruction of tub complete and a big ol mess in my house!

The before pics

This is our bathroom before the destruction.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Father Daughter Dance

They reported a ton of fun! I really wish I could have been there to watch! Diesel, Addie and I stayed home and cleaned...and we had a good time together with just us! Anyways, Cheyanne had fun, but I think she would have rather gone somewhere like a tractor pull or something with daddy instead of to a dance. She hated getting pretty! When they got home, Shawn said to me, "Well she's about as easy to please as you are!" Too funny :)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cheyanne's First Report Card!

Cheyanne got her first report card last week and it could not be a better one! She had everything checked satisfactory for this half, and she knows all her letters, sounds, and sight words that she is supposed to know. She is definitely at the top of her class. Her reading skills are excellent....she has been reading Diesel his bed-time books lately! The teacher had nothing but positive things to say about her at her last conference :) She is doing great in math, also. Way beyond kindergarten math! I have to do this with her at home because the math at school is way too basic for her. She started adding and subtracting on her own, so I have been trying to practice it a lot with her. We are very proud of her school work for sure!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Our Adalyn is sitting up all by herself all of a sudden! We only practiced it about 2 days, then all of a sudden, she needed no help at all. She is getting big so fast! She went swimming for the first time while we were gone this weekend. She loved it and was quite a doll in her swimsuit!

Tractor Pulls.....Grand Nationls

We went to Columbus this weekend for the Grand Nationals of Kiddie Tractor pulling. It was held at the Ohio Convention Center at the Power Show Ohio. Cheyanne qualified at 8 separate pulls this year, Diesel qualified at 1. No trophy's to report, but Cheyanne did an amazing job...her personal best, I think! If Diesel would stop watching the mechanics of the tractor and sled as he is pedaling it down the track, he would probably do a lot better! LOL! He doesn't seem to want to focus on what he is doing, he just checks out the equipment behind him!
On Saturday, they both pulled in the Ohio State Pull. Neither one did too great as far as rankings. On Sunday, Diesel pulled in the Open Class pull with 160 pounds in the sled. He went 11 feet, 9 inches. He ended up 33/39. Cheyanne pulled in the National pull, trying to get one of 10 really cool trophy's. She pulled a full pull (along with 24 others) with 200 pounds in the sled. In the pull-off, she pulled 300 pounds 14 feet, 8 inches. her ranking was 23/41. Not bad for one of only a few girls! She was so excited when she realized she pulled a 'daddy' in her sled! (Shawn told her that it was like pulling him! 300 pounds=one of daddy) She thought that was cool. Anyways, it's the end of the pulling year now, and Cheyanne has added 8 trophy's to her collection. She was more excited about her new John Deere hat with flames that Daddy bought her than anything!