Sunday, June 21, 2009

32 Weeks Along...

From the front, you can barely tell I'm pregnant, but from the side, I look like a cow! Hubby agreed :/ I have gained 11 pounds now. (Sorry about the shiny's all I have!!!!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is not the way this pregnancy is suppossed to be going!

I have had terrible pressure and pain now for 48 hours. The doctor sent me to Labor and Delivery Monday night at 11:30 P.M. I was not in labor, but they wanted to check me to be sure and to check the baby. Baby is o.k. by heart rate and fetal monitor. They ended up giving me Depitrol by IV and sent me home. I got very sick off the medicine and threw up for about 2 hours and it never even took the pain away. My doctor saw me in the office today and confirmed that I am in pain because the baby had shifted positions on Sunday (when all this started) and that the baby's position and weight are causing this pressure and pain. She does not expect it to go away or get any better. She said that since I am carrying the baby all out in front, there is no support to hold baby up, so she prescribed a belly wrap thing that will help with support while I am on my feet. She said it is because I am so small, and with this being my third baby, the muscles are not doing their job. Plus, I was diagnosed with diastasis recti in the beginning of this pregnancy (where my muscles had torn after I had Diesel because my belly had stretched so far.) That condition is contributing to my problem.
I am not able to eat anything!!!! I have not eaten in 2 full days because as soon as I eat, it creates tremendous pressure. Doc said I now have to eat every two hours, tiny amounts at a time. I have lost 3 pounds, which is not good because I had only gained 12! I am unable to walk correctly. I am either bent over in pain or waddling so bad I can not get anywhere. The pressure makes me walk so slow, move slow, and it even hurts when I sit. I am basically on bed rest for the next two months. Doc said no working at all, bed rest as much as I need to, and she prescibed me Vikaden.
This is not what I expected for this last pregnancy! But, these last few months have not gone like Shawn or I expected, so I am just going to take it day by day. Thank God I have Shawn to take care of me. He is so wonderful at it :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NOT what I expected.....

I have been putting off going through Cheyanne's old clothes until I was done with school...that way I 'd have time to do it. Well, I went through them today, and I am glad I did. I got a rude awakening! I knew I had at least 3 tubs of clothes and things, but I couldn't remember how much I had left after the garage sale. I pulled out everything 0-6 months, and I ended up having only 3 outfits and 2 onesies!!!!!!! I was shocked. It is not that I sold it all.....I had been very cautious as to what I had sold at the garage sale because we knew we would be having another baby. It is all just ruined with spit-up and poop! I know I had sold the items that were ruined, but come on! I still thought I had more clothes left than that! So, here I had planned on only buying a couple of new outfits, and using Cheyanne's old clothes, but not now! I guess I have no choice but to go shopping! So far, I had bought a few new things, but it really barely covers the basics (one pack of onsies, 3 sleepers, 3 outfits, burp cloths, bibs, a diaper bag, recieving blankets, and a pair of fancy socks) So, now I have to start over again! I do have a lot left for older ages, like 12 months and up, but almost everything from the first year was ruined! (I did have a messy pooper...)
Ya know, I remember thinking when Cheyanne was born, "Man, she has a lot of clothes!" but in all honesty, she didn't have near as much as I thought. Diesel had 3 times the amount of clothes in the first year that she did. I even looked back at pictures of Chey when she was born because I thought for sure I had more clothes for her, but no. I have a picture that I took of my favorite outfits that she wore as a baby, and I have only 3 out of 7 of those, due to stains!
I was wondering, is it wrong for me to use Cheyanne's keepsake clothes for the new baby? I have a tub that I made for her with all her special stuff in it, like the outfit she wore home from the hospital, the outfit she wore on her first birthday, etc. Should I pull those out and use them, or is that wrong?

Monday, June 8, 2009

And the name we chose is......

Still a secret!!!!! Yes, we are definitely waiting until she is born to share her name. BUT, we will tell you the runner-up names if that makes anyone happy :) If she had been a boy, his name would have been Ryker Gage. That was the only boy name we had picked out. Other girl names were: Maybrie (our top pick) and Kyrie Grace (which everyone hates, even Shawn).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Belly Painting

We decided to allow the children to use my big 'ol belly as a canvas. Shawn couldn't help but to paint a scene on there of his own. He painted a house and trees and a yard! LOL! The kids had a lot of fun and it was a great way to include them in welcoming the baby. They got mad at me when I washed it off!

Just a cute picture to share

I had dressed them both in their golfer shorts on purpose, but I hadn't realized that their bookbags matched their outfits until I was taking their picture!