Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The baby does have a sex known by us, and a name! We have done very well at keeping it a secret, as no one knows (that we know of). We had gone ahead and decided not to tell Cheyanne so that she wouldn't ruin the surprise. She wants a girl sooooo bad, though! She wants one so bad that she actually insists that it is a girl. She won't even answer us if we ask her what she she's gonna do if it's a boy! LOL! One day I asked her"Do you wanna go buy some boy baby clothes?" and she responded "Not for my sister!" She's pretty persistant. When we did shop for baby clothes (without Cheyanne), Diesel was soooo funny! Every time he walked by an aisle of baby clothes, he said "AWWWWWW" so loudly and drawn out! (I think he was immitating Mommy!) He really had fun shopping for "a baby" ......not shopping for baby clothes, but for a baby. I think he thought we were going to go pick up a baby at the store!
Baby is moving about like crazy. You can actually see the baby kick now, as it moves my whole tummy. Cheyanne enjoys feeling it. Baby is perfectly healthy, as far as we know. I am often so busy that I forget that I am pregnant. The main reminder is my lower back pain :( I find myself waddling to ease the pain!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Well, I figured I had better give an update on Shawn, too. Yes, his back/hip is still in a ton of pain. Why? We don't know. He sleeps on the floor one night, then the bed the next because the floor helps his hip, but the bed helps his back. He's just been eating pain pills and hobbling around. His business is going, as he has had several phone calls from people and businesses seeing his ad in the phone book. Now, if only he could do the physical labor! Through his discomfort, he is still the best Daddy in the world. The kids adore him, and I have been so proud to have such a wonderful and supportive daddy for my children. He sat through two 4 hour long dance recitals, and was so proud of his baby girl. He attends all the children's activities, and is such a great part of the children's lives. And the best thing of all is his Daddy day care abilities! LOL! He has all the children asking their parents every morning if it is Shawn's day to watch them. They LOVE him! They are all bummed when they walk in and see me! He does an amazing job with them all! I am very lucky to be able to go to school and not have to worry about how the day will go. He makes the lunch and even does the dishes! WOW, huh! Yea, I'm spoiled. We love him ;) Oh, and I didn't write this to get bonus points from him......he probably won't even read it! LOL!


Okay, well........Shawn and I got quite a laugh tonight. Cheyanne had her first T-ball practice tonight, and let me tell ya, we enjoyed it as much as she did! She was at the pitcher position for fielding, and she ran after every ball!!!!Even the balls that were going straight for another girl! She gets her glove down and gets right in front of them, perfect stance and all! Too cute! T-Ball is sooooooo more for her than dance! She is a 'natural' at ball, completely different from us having to work a lot with her on the dance. She was so good at T-ball!!!!!! This is her first year in it, and is one of the youngest on her team, yet she was one of the best! She has a couple of 7 year olds on her team, and she did just as well as them! She was a great fielder, really enjoyed running bases, and hit very well! A couple of parents even commented that she was doing really well for this being her first year! We just laughed because it was just so obvious that this is her thing. Yes, it was only the first practice, but she is so excited about it!!!!!! Oh, and it is sooo cute watching her and Shawn in the backyard practicing. She absolutlely adores all of his positive attention! They both have so much fun with it, and I have fun just watching!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cheyanne's Dance Recital

Cheyanne has now completed two years of dance. Last year, she had taken tumbling, but this year she was in jazz. She performed the dance 'Hip Hop Baby' at this years' recital. She did so well.....we were soooo proud of her! It was actually a difficult dance, as I tried to help her with it towards the end, and I had a hard time getting through the dance without being completely out of breath! LOL! It was fun, though, and we all really enjoyed the whole show. It was truly entertaining. Cheyanne was ready to be done by this last week, though. It was a busy last week with practices every evening. She was not all that excited about the 'big stage' by the time it was here. She absolutely hated having her hair done, and it took quite a bit of coaxing to get fully ready! She told me that she preferred to be playing T-Ball because she didn't have to do her hair for that :) BUT, she did awesome, was so happy to have all her family come watch her, and she adores her flowers from her Daddy. She was happy to be finished for the year, though! (oh, and as you can see in the pic....she is much younger than all of the others in her group. They were 6, 7, and 8 years old). She says that she doesn't want to take dance again next year, but she said that she still wants to see Kyle (her teacher). She says she will miss him. We definately won't make her take it again next year if she doesn't decided that she wants to! It would save us a lot of money and driving!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kindergarten Screening

We made it through kindergarten screening! Okay, well, maybe I was the one I was worried about! I worried about it for a week! I was afraid that she would just walk in there and be like "I'm smart and I'm going to school", but not end up showing them what she knows! Well, she did fine! She got a very good report, and they told her that she is officially a Greenwave now!