Friday, April 9, 2010

progress on Bathroom remodel

Here is the drywall mess....I had to clean this up everyday for about a week as they worked on it. But at least we had a bathtub and shower! The ceiling was gone for about a week, so we were looking straight up into the attic as we showered, but I didn't care...I was just happy to have a shower! The paint was supposed to be a green'ish tone, well it ended up looking blue. Shawn didn't want me to change it, but now that the bathroom is almost complete, he decided he wants me to change it...GRRRRRRR!

Updates on the kids

Cheyanne learned how to ride her bike in one day. I held on to her for the first two tries, then she just took off. She could do it all alone (starting, stopping, turning, everything) by the end of the first day.
The bottom picture is of Addie helping with laundry. She is so funny when I dump it out. She throws it all around, laughing, then she starts handing me one thing at a time for me to fold. She is too cute :)


Adalyn...almost 8 months. I love this pic of Diesel. He is wearing my old life jacket. Well, it's been through more than just me :)


The kids were cracking up laughing at Daddy so mommy could get a picture...turns out they wouldn't sit still they were laughing so hard!