Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here's just a glimpse of family pics!

Adalyn is 4 months!

At her check up, she weighed 12 pounds, 13 ounces. She is in the 75% for her age in height, abd 50% for weight. She is healthy and happy and soooo content! She is just wonderful!

Look at these handsome boys!!!!

A Visit With Santa

Adalyn LOVED Santa! It was too cute! She came away with a handful of fake beard in her hand! LOL!

Grandpa's 77th Birthday

We celebrated Grandpa Don's 77th birthday this week! Here's the pics!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Addie Doll

Here are some cute new pictures of Adalyn. Cheyanne is in a lot of pictures because she loves to be, for one. And for two, Diesel just won't hold her long enough to have a picture taken! The pumpkins in the picture are grown in our own garden this year! The kids were very proud of those...o.k....I was, too :)
Addie enjoys going out on these warmer days to ride in the stroller. She is an angel baby, I swear. She is still little miss perfect: never cries, sleeps 10 hours straight at night without eating, takes a good 4 hour nap during the day, and is on a perfect eating and sleeping schedule. Thank goodness! We are awful lucky to have such a content, healthy and happy baby! She is so precious, that is for sure!

Happy 6th Anniversary To Us!!!

This is us on our 6 year anniversary next to "Our Tree". We planted it last year on our anniversary since the 5 year gift is 'wood'. we are planning to take a picture next to it every year on our anniversary so we can watch it (and ourselves) grow :)

Happy Halloween

Here are a few pictures from my Halloween 'photo shoot'. Cheyanne (5), Diesel (3), Adalyn (2 months)

Veterens Wall of Honor At Greenville Primary

These are the posters we made to send to the school. They asked for family members' pictures who are Veterans for their Veterans Wall of Honor. It is T.J. and Dad. I thought these were some good looking men to hang on their wall! Cheyanne was proud to take these to school :) Click on the picture so you can see these handsome men up close :P

First place winner

Cheyanne won first place this year at Bradford Pumpkin Show's Big Wheel Races! Here is her and her trophy that she was very excited to win! She definitely prefers speed over weight! (pedaling fast versus pedaling the tractor pulling the weighted sled!) Diesel won his first round, but then in the pull off, he decided to sit and ring the bell on the trike instead of pedal down the track, so he lost :( Little ornry thing, I tell ya!

Our annual trip to Brumbaugh's

We had a lot of fun as usual at Brumbaugh's this year! The kids were very brave and tried everything on their own this year. We took Cory along to entertain the kids :P

Friday, October 9, 2009

2009 Tractor Pulling Season is Over

Cheyanne won a total of 8 trophy's this year, 3 of those being 1st place. That makes a total of 10 NKTPA trophy's in the last two years. Diesel ended up winning 2 trophy's this year. Both of them are invited to Nationals in January at the Ohio Power Show. We are planning to attend! Here are a couple of pictures from when we had "Adult pulls" It was fun to try what our children having been doing all summer!

Children's New PIctures

Cheyanne, ready for school; the kids ready for church; Diesel in his engineer outfit; Diesel on his Harley Davidson bike; Adalyn (5 weeks old).

Cheyanne's First Day of Kindergarten

So far, she is doing great at school and really enjoying it. At first, she got into a little trouble with bossing her teacher around and wouldn't stop talking. (Shawn told the teacher that she gets it honestly!!!!) She is doing better now, and her teacher told us that she is just bored, so she misbehaves. Her teacher also said that she will be in the advanced reading group for sure. She is ready to get those groups going because she said Cheyanne needs the extra stimulation. So, at least she is being rotten for a reason :) Also, she is little miss popular. For the first two weeks of school, she hung out only with the boys: neighbor Jake, daycare friends, Zackary and Cameron, and a new boy she met, Ian. The boy's moms' reported to me that they go home and tell them that they are only playing with Cheyanne and no one else :) She's already popular with the boys!!!!!! But, good news....since then, she has finally made some girl friends. Actually quite a few because they are always sending her home with pictures they made just for her :)

Mommy and Addie

Me and Adalyn :)

Diesel's 3rd Birthday

Here are pics from Diesel's 3rd birthday. We took a trip to the Connersville, Indiana train station. We took a 2 hour train ride from Connersville to Metamora and back. He loved it. Also to celebrate, Shawn and Cory blew up over 200 balloons and we put them all in his room while he was sleeping :) He loved that! They were about waist high to him. It was like a balloon pit!